Targeted and Relevant

Reaching your audience

joono supports the easy execution and delivery of marketing campaigns that maximise impact and effectiveness through intelligent targeting and interactive features.

Segmentation features include advanced geographic or location type filtering, profiling by gender or account type and time-of day scheduling. Built-in on-screen prompts and dynamic receipt printing are just a few capabilities that deliver enriched customer engagement.

Reaching the individual

In today's competitive environment you not only want to be able to send a message to the right person at the right moment but have the opportunity to dynamically present an offer unique to them.

joono achieves this by combining your CRM data with its own in-build delivery management system that guarantees the right offer goes to the right customer.

Step-by-step campaign management

Designed with the business user in mind, joono's easy-to-use, collaborative web-based portal incorporates comprehensive step-by-step campaign management.

joono campaign management workflow

Click to experience a walk-through of joono campaign management steps.