Multi-Channel Roadmap

Engage customers one-to-one

As world-leaders in self-service marketing, i-design's best in class joono platform places the ATM at the heart of your multi-channel marketing mix.

With self-service as its foundation, joono realises the vision to enable further customer engagements, seamlessly and easily across digital channels including mobile and internet.

Seamless integration

joono is tailored to meet your unique technical requirements, seamlessly integrating with your existing Windows based environment, enabling you to deliver campaigns across multiple platforms, regardless of hardware, host or application software.

joono is designed to adapt to your evolving multi-channel CRM strategy, complementing your existing investments and supporting your evolving strategy.

Complete visibility of your marketing

Every aspect of your one-to-one customer marketing is centrally controlled via joono's easy-to-use, web-based interface, which delivers total control and visibility of your touch-point activity and allows collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders.

joono is designed with the business marketer in mind; its predefined workflows and built-in authorisation processes remove the day-to-day challenges of creating a targeted and dynamic strategy.

Finally, its advanced reporting offers intelligent campaign analysis and benchmarking enables you to measure and evolve your multi-channel customer marketing strategy.