Articles for 2012

Nationwide achieves industry first with i-design innovation

05 November 2012

i-design, the leading provider of self-service customer engagement solutions for the banking industry, is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new Favourite Transaction functionality. The product launch coincides with the full rollout of the new technology across Nationwide Building Society’s self-service estate.

Favourite Transaction is an add-on component to the company’s flagship joono software solution and represents an industry first. Transactions for Nationwide cardholders are made simple as they are presented with their most used transactions automatically, requiring no manual setup. The component also adapts to a customer’s changing transactional habits enabling Favourite Transaction to retain its relevance as time goes on.

Nationwide Building Society, who worked as a partner in enabling this new innovation has secured a global first with the rollout of the solution across their entire network of 2,000 ATMs. Nationwide cardholders who select a favourite transaction receive an improved and personalised experience at Nationwide ATMs across the country, resulting in a very efficient customer experience.

Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design Group PLC commented:

"We have had a long and close relationship with Nationwide and were delighted to be able to work in partnership to realise this global innovation using our joono platform. Extensive market research and field trials were carried out throughout the development which consistently proved that this unique service delivers great value to customers. It has been exciting to see such high take up rates since launch and we are committed to driving further innovations through our unique flagship joono platform."

Adrian Roberts, Head of ATMs and Branch Design at Nationwide commented:

"During our initial pilot we were delighted to see customer uptake of around 68%, proving that the vast majority of customers do indeed conduct the same ATM transactions on a regular basis. We are always looking for innovative ways to make life easier for our customers and so we are pleased to make service at Nationwide ATMs a quicker and simpler experience. We are pleased to have collaborated with i-design to achieve this industry first."