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i-design Announces First Contract Win For New joono Software

11 July 2011
First contract win for new 'joono' software - second contract with Cardtronics, Inc.
i-design, the leading developer and supplier of ATM and self-service marketing solutions for the banking industry, is pleased to announce a second multi-year contract with Cardtronics, Inc ("Cardtronics"), the US independent ATM deployer, which operates over 37,000 ATMs globally. Under the terms of the contract, Cardtronics has acquired a license to incorporate i-design's new marketing software, 'joono', into its own offering on a global basis.
Launched in early June 2011, joono is i-design's next generation targeted marketing software, enabling financial institutions, retailers and advertisers to communicate with their customers through multiple channels, including traditional ATMs and advanced functionality financial kiosks. joono preserves all the features of i-design's earlier market leading solution (atmAd), which Cardtronics licensed in 2010, while offering new functionality and broader capability. Among the functionality enhancements, joono integrates with financial institutions' Customer Relationship Management systems to deliver personalised marketing and enables the centralised management and monitoring of digital marketing communications.
The agreement is i-design's second contract with Cardtronics, following an initial advertising agreement signed in May 2010, which covered the deployment of the Group's solution on Cardtronics ATMs, including machines in both the US and UK.

Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design Group PLC commented:

"We welcome the extension of our relationship with Cardtronics, the world's leading non-bank operator of ATMs. We believe that our technology remains unrivalled in our marketplace and see significant potential for further expansion."