Articles for 2011

i-design launches new multi-channel marketing software, joono

06 June 2011
joono has been designed to offer customers even greater functionality and range. The solution will enable banks to communicate with their customers through a larger number of channels, including mobile phones and plasma screens, in addition to ATMs and self-service machines.
Furthermore, it introduces new features for ATM marketing as well as enabling banks and ATM owners to manage their digital marketing communications centrally on a single platform.
Importantly, joono will also continue to provide banks and ATM owners with the ability to generate new revenues through third party advertising.
The Directors of i-design believe that joono represents an important development in the continuing evolution of the Group's offering to banks and ATM owners. It will help to consolidate i-design's market leading position in the field of ATM communications and third party ATM advertising. At the same time, it opens up the delivery of additional digital communications channels to customers.
Under the Group's roadmap for joono, i-design will continue to develop the solution, enhancing its capability and functionality for the marketplace.
Commenting on the release of the new software, Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design said, "I am delighted to be launching our next generation technology, 'joono', today. In developing joono, we have retained all the benefits of our existing atmAd solution but have significantly enhanced its features, range and functionality.
We are excited about the new marketing possibilities that joono delivers to banks and believe that the launch of our next generation technology keeps us at the forefront of our marketplace."